Silicon Valley Billionaires Series

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They have it all…except the one thing that matters most.


Silicon Valley Billionaires, Book 1

Recently laid off from a top tech firm, Alyssa Kennedy is staying with her childhood best friend, Emily, and helping out at her coffee shop. When Emily’s brother, Jeremy, returns home from an extended business trip, Alyssa has to confront her long-buried feelings. Jeremy was her first crush but to him, she’d always been his little sister’s best friend. She’s never gotten over her hurt that he stood her up for her senior prom.

Jeremy Owens barely recognizes the beautiful woman standing in front of him. He’d always thought of her as his sister’s best friend, although he’d long suspected she had a crush on him. She’s grown into a woman since the last time he saw her, and suddenly his world has been turned upside down.


Silicon Valley Billionaires, Book 2

Heath Hardcastle is struggling. Since his company was falsely accused of theft, he’s struggled to fix his reputation. When he’s invited to go undercover for a reality TV show, he sees it as the perfect chance to bring his company out of its slump. But doing so means working side by side with an irresistible aspiring actress named Vanessa.

Vanessa Gilbert feels like her chance at success in Hollywood is slipping away. Traveling to Silicon Valley to work as a billionaire’s sidekick on a reality show seems like the perfect opportunity. She just has to find ways to get screentime and she’s sure the gig will lead to other opportunities.


Silicon Valley Billionaires, Book 3

Derek Hughes is on the run. After a local TV station names him “Silicon Valley’s Most Eligible Bachelor,” his photo is blasted across the internet. He’s spent years building a new identity for himself to get away from his past and now it’s all blown out of the water.

TV reporter Renee Forrester is recovering at an inn on her favorite island when Derek Hughes falls into her life. Recently fired from her job, Renee is taking a few days to recharge before starting her job search. But when a missing billionaire walks into the room, she sees an opportunity to get the story of her career. When that billionaire believes her cover story that she’s a chef–and offers her a job on his yacht–she immediately jumps at the opportunity.


Silicon Valley Billionaires, Book 4

Charlie McLaughlin loves structure. She’s kept the same daily schedule for the past four years, arriving at the same building and sitting at the same desk. She loves the familiarity of it all. Unpredictability makes her feel out of control.

Nicholas Shaw lives life by the seat of his pants. He’s intrigued by the classy, statuesque blonde who works for his college roommate and longtime friend. She’s exactly the type of woman his family would expect him to marry. In fact, if she were his wife, he could put an end to his mother’s persistent matchmaking, once and for all. At least it would get him through his brother’s upcoming wedding.